European nation

any one of the countries occupying the European continent (Freq. 2)
Syn: ↑European country
Hypernyms: ↑country, ↑state, ↑land
Instance Hyponyms:
Balkans, ↑Czech Republic, ↑Slovakia, ↑Slovak Republic, ↑Germany, ↑Federal Republic of Germany, ↑Deutschland, ↑FRG, ↑East Germany, ↑German Democratic Republic, ↑West Germany, ↑Finland, ↑Republic of Finland, ↑Suomi, ↑Italy, ↑Italian Republic, ↑Italia, ↑Romania, ↑Roumania, ↑Rumania, ↑Yugoslavia, ↑Croatia, ↑Republic of Croatia, ↑Hrvatska, ↑Serbia and Montenegro, ↑Union of Serbia and Montenegro, ↑Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, ↑Jugoslavija, ↑Bosnia and Herzegovina, ↑Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ↑Bosna i Hercegovina, ↑Bosnia-Herzegovina, ↑Bosnia, ↑Slovenia, ↑Republic of Slovenia, ↑Slovenija, ↑Austria, ↑Republic of Austria, ↑Oesterreich, ↑Flanders, ↑Belgium, ↑Kingdom of Belgium, ↑Belgique, ↑England, ↑Northern Ireland, ↑Ireland, ↑Republic of Ireland, ↑Irish Republic, ↑Eire, ↑Scotland, ↑France, ↑French Republic, ↑Netherlands, ↑The Netherlands, ↑Kingdom of The Netherlands, ↑Nederland, ↑Holland, ↑Hungary, ↑Republic of Hungary, ↑Magyarorszag, ↑Iceland, ↑Republic of Iceland, ↑Liechtenstein, ↑Principality of Liechtenstein, ↑Luxembourg, ↑Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, ↑Luxemburg, ↑Monaco, ↑Principality of Monaco, ↑Poland, ↑Republic of Poland, ↑Polska, ↑Portugal, ↑Portuguese Republic, ↑San Marino, ↑Republic of San Marino, ↑Belarus, ↑Republic of Belarus, ↑Byelarus, ↑Byelorussia, ↑Belorussia, ↑White Russia, ↑Moldova, ↑Republic of Moldova, ↑Moldavia, ↑Andorra, ↑Principality of Andorra, ↑Spain, ↑Kingdom of Spain, ↑Espana, ↑Switzerland, ↑Swiss Confederation, ↑Suisse, ↑Schweiz, ↑Svizzera, ↑Holy See, ↑The Holy See, ↑State of the Vatican City
Part Holonyms: ↑Europe

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